North Consultants are preferred partner as headhunters. Vacant positions are posted here and as well on internett through different solutions. All our recruitment processes are handled according to the DNVGL recruitment standards. As such Norths processes arre alligned with GDPR. Our recruiters have profound experience and work professional and with high etical standards. Our offices are centrally located in Oslo and Copenhagen. North works across industries, and build network within industries as: oil & gas, renewable energy and power supply, process industry, trade, high-tech, retail, infrastructure and public sector.

  • FUNCTIONS: Management, finance and accounting, HR, sales and business development, marketing, supply chain, maintenance, production, IT – ERP, R&D, technical disciplines, projects, administration and staff.
  • AVAILABLE RESOURCES: The candidates presented here, including those anonymized, are available for positions. Some seek permanent placement and others also project based jobs. We know these candidates well and can give insight and detailed information about their experience and capabilities.
  • CONTACT: These resources are part of Norths network, if interested in more information contact: Cato Svendsen /