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At North Consultants we assist in executing our clients business projects utilizing our practical expertise. We seek opportunities to accelerate our clients’ business. This is done partly by utilizing our extensive network directly to initiate contact that can open business opportunities, and partly by headhunting high potentials in key positons. We continuously seek new talents whom we can supply to projects as “contract professionals”. Our Consultants and Partners take a direct role in each project to make sure the objectives are met.

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Fazer Food Services is the leading contract catering company in the Nordic region, offering customers delicious food and tailor-made service solutions. The company operates almost 1,100 restaurants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

In 2015 Fazer Group aquired three food service companies in Norway as part of their growth strategy. Wilberg Restaurants was the main asset to be aquired.

Fazer is Norways leading contract catering and is expanding into new markets regularly.

  • As part of the acquisitions Fazer needed to merge all four companies as well as organizations, and hence the finance- and accounting department needed to be reorganized.
  • In addition SAP was decided to be implemented and also completing that Fazer Norway is fully linked to the Fazwer Group finance and accounting operations.
  • Cato Svendsen and Thomas Nesheim have supported CFO and management in fulfilling the transition that started in 2015 and will be completed in 2016.
  • North Finance Management deliver specialist resources hired in as contract professionals. All consultants are tailored to meet Fazers specific requirements.
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REC was a fully integrated provider of solar solutions. Meaning they not only manufacture solar panels, but also everything that goes into them – from silicon, wafers, cells, to panels, and even going beyond by offering expert services and solutions. REC is the largest European brand of solar panels and in 2016 celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Through integrated manufacturing from polysilicon to wafers, cells, panels and turnkey solar solutions, REC strives to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. REC was founded in Norway in 1996, and in 2015 aquired by Norway´s Elkem Group (Bluestar Investment Co.Ltd.). REC´s operational headquarters is in Singapore.

REC concluded 2015 with 2,000 employees worldwide, 1.3 GW solar panel production capacity, and annual revenues of USD 755 million.

  • Cato Svendsen has been a headhunter and resource advisor since 2008 and handled several critical recruitment projects including international search.

In 2011 Svendsen was appointed Project Manager for handling down sizing in Norway as part of the company´s restructure during the financial crisis in 2008 – 2010.

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Gerflor Group is one of Europe´s leading companies in the sector of vinyl flooring solutions for consumers and professionals. Gerflor is a highly specialized developer of flooring solutions meeting demands in multiple markets spanning from private homes, schools and hospitals, industry, office buildings to advanced sport-type floors.

Gerflor started on it´s own in Scandinavia in 2008 and has its headquarter in Vestby outside Oslo and separate departments in Sweden. Gerflor Scandinavia AS has increased sales by nearly 70% since start up in 2008 and is a major player also in the Nordic region.

  • Cato Svendsen has been Gerflor´s headhunter and resource advisor since the start up in 2008. His first task was to recruit Gerflors CEO in Scandinavia.
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Norwegian Crystals

Norwegian Crystals was founded in 2012, but has a long and proud Nordic heritage in the solar industry. The state-of-the-art facility in Glomfjord has a capacity of 200 MW to produce pure high-performance monocrystalline materials. The proprietary pulling process and design, together with cheap and abundant hydro power, enable a competitive cost position.

The plant in Glomfjord also have unique capability to cost-effectively produce both p-type and n-type mono blocks and wafers helping the customers to push the boundaries of cell efficiency well above 20%. As a result, Norwegian Crystals is fast becoming a sought-after source for mono materials.

The market is fast growing and it has been decided to go for expansion in order to meet the market demand.

North Consultants is supporting the management in the following activities:

  • Plant Manager, management for hire
  • Production performance and improvement processes
  • Recruitment of Plant Manager and other key competences
  • Organization and communication and HR systems
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Store Norske

Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani / SNSK or simply Store Norske, is a Norwegian coal mining company based on the Svalbard archipelago. SNSK was founded in November 1916 and is headquartered in Longyearbyen at Svalbard. The company is 100 per cent owned by the Norwegian Government.

SNSK´s business consists of mining, business development through Store Norske Momentum and property and rental homes through Store Norske Eiendom. SNSK has solid experience of industrial operations under extreme Arctic conditions. The company owns 65 percent of the logistics company Pole Position Logistics AS.

  • Cato Svendsen has been headhunter and resource advisor since 2012 and supported in headhunting Project Manager to new start up projects in 2014.
  • In 2012 Svendsen was appointed Project Manager for handling down sizing of 40 employees as part of the company´s restructure to meet new market demands.
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DFDS is northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company, and operates a network of 30 routes with 50 freight and passenger ships. DFDS has 6,000 employees in 20 countries with headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark. DFDS was founded already in 1866 and is today one of Denmark’s largest companies.

DFDS Seaways in Norway is part of DFDS Seaways Group, a Danish company with long traditions. DFDS stands for The United steamer-Society. In Norway DFDS is the only cruise line that sails between Oslo and Copenhagen.

The two vessels PEARL SEAWAYS and CROWN SEAWAYS, which sails on the route can accommodate 2,168 and 2,044 guests. The ships sail between Oslo and Copenhagen daily and transports around 700 000 passengers each year with DFDS Seaways boats.

  • Cato Svendsen has been headhunter and resource advisor for DFDS Seaways Norway , and was instrumental in recruiting the Finance & HR Manager.
  • In December 2015 The Embassy of Denmark together with DFDS, held a seminar for Danish subsidiaries in Norway, where Svendsen gave a talk on the development in Norway´s business climate and on business opportunities ahead.
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AGCO Eik senteret

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions. They work to help make today’s farmer more productive and profitable. Collection of brands is a large part of what makes AGCO so unique. Their brands are powerful and they’re modern; Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

Eikmaskin AS is a subsidiary of AGCO and engaged in import of agricultural machinery to Norway with headquarter at Kjeller outside of Oslo. Eikmaskin is organized as a franchise chain with 36 independent dealers and 15 subdivisions nationwide each branded as Eiksenteret. The chain had a turnover in 2014 of over 1.1 billion Norwegian kroner and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGCO Corp. headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA.

  • Cato Svendsen has been Agco Corp and Eikmaskin´s headhunter and resource advisor since change of management in 2008. His first task was to recruit the new CEO, and has since supported the chain management on particular tasks.
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Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson was established In 1918 is an entrepreneur with a passion for technical solutions and innovation. The company and now a strong brand started as a mail order shop. Today the company has 232 stores spread over 4 countries with more than 5 000 employees. Their idea is to offer the consumers practical and simple solutions and attractive prices.

Clas Ohlson has developed a concept that is well received by the consumers and is a strong brand in retail. Their own brands currently complement their product range in all five of their product categories: Hardware, Electrical, Home, Multimedia and Leisure. Own brand labels currently account for over 25 per cent of sales.

In 2019 Clas Ohlson restructured the organisation and some employees were directly affected. The company offered them an outplacement program to help finding new careers. North Consultants with Hilde Thømte assisted them through their transition process. We are proud to assist Clas Ohlson.

Client stories RMIG North Consultants


RMIG is the largest perforating company in the world and has over a century’s experience in the perforation industry. A company of their size offers a number of advantages for benefit as a customer. The most important is RMIGs  local presence in the various markets, which means that there is always a contact person close to you, readily available to answer any question you might have. From the group’s multiple manufacturing sites, your contact person can draw on an enormous amount of experience, both in manufacturing and in application knowledge.

12 of semtember 2019 had the great pleasure to announce that the two leading companies in the perforation industry joinined forces by merging their activities. The unified RMIG and MEVACO organisation is determined to reach the next level of automation in production. Moreover, it is set on providing speed in delivery, diversity in product offerings, opportunities in e-commerce as well as an excellent customer experience and customer satisfaction.

RMIG Group will be the largest within its field and have a turnover of 178 million euros and more than 800 staff all over Europe. As a group, they are committed to providing markets with a quality product and an excellent service. That is why our goal is to show you that RMIG is the best choice for your perforation requirements, every time.

North Consultants has been assisting RMIG in headhunting prime resources for many years in both Denmark and Norway. Schiermer is KAM for RMIG with support from Svendsen in the Norwegian market.

Client stories Castolin Eutectic North Consultants

Castolin Eutectic

Castolin Eutectic is a world leader in wear, repair and wear (wear & fusion technology). Castolin has over 100 years of experience in areas such as welding, soldering and thermal spraying and has developed professional and innovative solutions to extend component life and minimize wear and tear.

Castolin Eutectic has offices in over 100 countries around the world. Their technology solutions aim to extend the life of components and minimize wear and tear. Castolin Eutectic has more than 1500 employees worldwide in over 100 countries. The Group has over 700 application specialists globally, who handle our customers’ challenges. Specialists’ tasks: To help customers improve the life of machines and equipment, to save resources, and to provide solutions for their needs. As a manufacturing company, Castolin Eutectic continues to invest in its production properties, its quality and increase product depth. Their motto is: Quality, service and technical management = Customer value added.

North Consultants has been assisting Castolin in headhunting prime resources in Norway. Svendsen and his recruitment team assisted in finding their new Sales Manager.

Client stories FUSen North Consultants


FUSen has a team of engineers and project managers, who since 2012 have been leading the development of solar energy in Norway. Their name, FUS, is made up of the words “FUS” (meaning “to be first”) and “Energy” because the goal is that solar energy should be the first choice for energy.

In total, FUSen has experience from building an entire 100,000 sqm of solar power plants on roofs and facades here in Norway. A solar power plant is a long-term investment. The climate effect and profitability of plants with solar panels should be good, and this will only be the case when good plants are built for a long duration.

Planning, adaptation and construction of permanent installations place high demands on experience and technical expertise.

North Consultants has been assisting FUSen in headhunting prime resources in Norway, and we are proud to be part of a renewable energy team.

pkp machining north consultants projects North Consultants

PKP Machining

PKP-Machining OY is a Finnish contract manufacturer in the metal industry. The company, based in Riihikoski Finland, specializes in chip removal for medium-weight and heavy pieces. In addition to heavy CNC machined pieces and bespoke small series, PKP-Machining offers the manufacture of prototypes and repair machining, putting solid expertise at your disposal.

PKPs products and services are used in many fields, and their strongest special expertise lies in the CNC boring of large pieces, milling, and deep-hole boring. PKPs modern machine base, composed of sturdy units for demanding applications, enables them to machine pieces of up to 100 tons.

PKP repair machining service includes sleeving, build-up welding of shaft journals, metal spraying, and the manufacture of spare parts. PKP have extensive competence in machining various materials: we machine stainless and acid-proof steel, copper, aluminium, and wear-resistant grades of steel.

The company can deliver even more extensive part entities with the assistance of its established co-operation network in a flexible and high-quality manner.

  • Per Sørum from North Consultants is PKPs advisor in their Go To Market strategy.
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SafeKick (safekick.com) develop and supply information- and decision support technologies and services that help drilling contractors, and Oil & Gas operators manage risk more effectively. Safekicks technological solutions assist with insight and improved understanding in planning and execution of drilling and well operations. Specifically, the technologies and software tools aim at detection, identifying and handling & control of well pressures during drilling and well operations.

North Consultants represent and assist international companies exploring opportunities or seeking entry into Norway.

  • North Consultants and our technology team are engaged by Safekick to assist in taking positions in the Norwegian petroleum market.
north consultants projects c2u North Consultants


We are specialists not generalists!
At North Consultants we seek partnership with other expert companies that fill the gap. We benchmark with our partners in order to find the best solutions for our clients.

C2U was established 2012 and the founders has a broad experience from various roles and industries; from pharmaceutical and automotive, defense and management consultancy. Among others, they have profound experience from the turn around in the global solar industry that has taken place since 2010.

C2U have a team of experienced and highly dedicated business professionals, specialized in Operational Excellence, continuous improvement through Lean and Six Sigma, in addition to change management, quality and HR. Operational Excellence can be defined as how you coordinate, combine and lead the input through a business system to reach the desired output. To succeed in such a process, Culture and Structure must be in balance. Experience from working this balance is one of C2U’s strongest competitive edges.

  • Svendsen and Matre are recruitment and resource advisors to C2U and in January 2016 assisted in finding new talents to C2U´s further expansion.
  • Matre and his technology team are partners in projects where C2U and North join forces to assist clients becoming competitive in a demanding markets.
north consultants projects lindab North Consultants


Lindab is an international Group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate.

In 2014 Lindab Norway continues to executive it’s growth strategy by expanding to new market sites, introducing new product s and gaining higher market share.

  • Lindab Norway was looking for a new CFO in 2014.
  • Thomas Nesheim acted as CFO until the permanent placement was recruited.
  • North Consultants delivers specialist resources hired in as contract professionals. All consultants are tailored to meet the customer specific requirements.
north consultants projects tosh consulting North Consultants

Tosch Consulting

We are specialists not generalists!
At North Consultants we seek partnership with other expert companies that fill the gap. We benchmark with our partners in order to find the best solutions for our clients.

Tosch Consulting is a strategic recruitment and resource partner. By joining forces with our partners we are able to supply more and better. Together we headhunt and source talents throughout the Nordic region.

Tosch Consulting is a professional recruitment and search company dedicated to helping clients acquire and retain the vital human capital needed to achieve the strategic business goals. We focus on the daily practice and strive to deliberate resources and potentials for both the organization and the individual.

fuglesangs North Consultants

Fuglesangs AS

Fuglesangs AS was established 1916 and is an independent supplier of pumping solutions, equipment and maintenance services to the Norwegian industry and public sector with a high focus on total costs of ownership. Their motivated and dedicated team continuously work to develop innovative technical solutions that creates results with regards to availability, efficiency, security and environment.

In their highly equipped workshop Fuglesangs restore pumps of all makes and models, as well as other rotating equipment. By using advanced ceramic composites they can coat pumps and other equipment in order to significantly increase the corrosion and erosion resistance. Thanks to the composites extremely low surface energy they also increase the energy efficiency of the pump.

Fuglesangs has one of Norway’s most complete facilities for optimization of pumps and motors. In addition to pumps, we also restore hydraulic cylinders and mechanical seals. They cooperate with leading technology companies and can offer complete digital solutions for monitoring pumps.

North Consultants has been assisting Fuglesangs in headhunting prime resources in Norway. Svendsen and his recruitment team assisted in finding a specialist as Sales Engineer.

apcoa North Consultants


APCOA PARKING Group is Europe’s leading parking operator with 50 years of industry expertise. With its 5,500 employees, the company manages approximately 1.5 million individual parking spaces at over 9,500 locations in 13 European countries. These include parking spaces at 1,800 city and shopping center locations, 400 hotels, 150 hospitals and 58 European airports. With its consistent “asset light” business model, APCOA is the trusted partner who maximizes value for private and public real estate owners.

Via its open digital platform APCOA FLOW, the company connects on-street and off-street car parks with clients, partners, customers and their vehicles. Based on this technology, APCOA is transforming its car parks into mobility hubs, offering innovative services that enable a more convenient mobility experience. The environment also benefits: with its digital services and intelligent Traffic Management System, the company actively contributes to the reduction of emissions in cities by decreasing the volume of traffic searching for parking. By connecting parking and mobility, APCOA is positioned to become an integral part of the Smart City.

North Consultants has been assisting APCAO in headhunting prime resources in Norway. Svendsen and his recruitment team assisted in finding their new Service Manager.

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Gilbarco Veeder-Root represents the leading brand of solutions and technologies that provide fuel management systems, convenience, control and environmental integrity for retail fueling and adjacent markets.

Gilbarco creates the commercial fuel & retails industry’s most comprehensive suite of flexible, adaptable, long-lasting products to solve our customers’ business challenges. The group of companies has manufacturing, sales, distribution and service locations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Gilbarco is headquartered in Greensboro, with manufacturing and research and development centres in Germany, Italy, UK, Denmark, U.S., India, Argentina, Brazil, China, Australia and Mexico. Gilbarco Veeder-Root has more than 4000 employees worldwide.

Gilbarco is the leading player in the Nordic and Norwegian market with clients such as CirkleK and Avinor.

North Consultants has been assisting Gilbarco in headhunting prime resources since 2015 such as Branch Manager, Field Service Manager, Project and Admin Manager,  Lead Technical department and Sales Manager & EV Norway. The electric vehicle market is booming in the Nordic region and Gilbarco is also in this segment a leading player .

North Consultants are proud to be a trusted partner with Gilbarco, Svendsen in Norway and Schiermer in Denmark handles the recruitments in the Nordic market.

delta p North Consultants


Delta-p is a high quality supplier of pumps, pump packages and related equipment for the oil & gas market. Together with several leading European pump manufacturers Delta-p provides a complete product range, meeting all applications with demanding specifications for the oil & gas industrie; NORSOK, Statoil TR, Shell DEP and others.

Delta-p provides a full range of services;

  • Pre engineering
  • Process engineering and design equipment selection
  • 3D modelling and detail engineering procurement
  • Manufacturing full scale testing and documentation
  • After sale service

After market services, as a complete package supplier Delta-p has a spare parts and service department. Skilled technicians will ensure safe installation and safe operation during the lifetime of the equipment.

North Consultants has been assisting Delta-p in headhunting prime resources in Norway. Svendsen and his recruitment team assisted in finding a specialist as Sales Engineer.

roros North Consultants

Røros Rengjøringsbyrå

Røros Rengjøringsbyrå was established in 1972 and in 1986 Almåsstø took over the operation and development of the agency. Turnover in 2015 approximately 11 million nok and with 25 employees. The agency has developed a leading role in the Røros area as growth region between Trondheim and Tynset. The company owns its own locaton, separate laundry and warehouse facilities and is accepted as a full service provider in the region. In 2014 North Consultants was asked to assist the owner to restructure the company and make it ready for sale to new owner. Preferably a local partner. North led the due dilligience process as well as sales and handover to new owner. This also included onboarding for new management team.

The market
Customers are both public sector as private companies small and large and typical for the region.

Improvements after restructuring
Sales and customer care was strengthened and further improved profitability. An important focus was to re-establish the cleaning agency’s successful operating model. This also included further modernization and not least the establishment of new management team.

With the restructuring completed, new owners was able to benefit from a solidly built cleaning company with a strong market position. The operating model was further streamlined by new owner  and has thus provided even better profitability.

North Consultants assisted Røros Rengjøringsbyrå by placing an interim manager , full due diligence and restructure to lead the way for new owners. Svendsen and his team headhunted new prime resources as new manager, and supplied business consulting in the onboarding period lasting end of 2015.

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Norsk Reiseinformation AS and known NRI, was the official recipient of all route data from public companies that the companies are required to submit. The data was stored and made available by NRI for use by travel planner providers. Until 2014, NRI AS was owned by Trafikanten AS, the road user was merged into Ruter AS at the start of 2014.

A main and wellknown product was Rutebok.no owned and operated by NRI. Rutebok for Norge was first published in 1869 under the name of Norway’s Communications or Travel magazine. It got its present name in 1918 when it was merged with the corresponding railroad release. The guidebook was published weekly between 1880 and 1932, later on every fortnight.

The strong population growth increased the pressure on transport into all the big cities in the country and forced measures to ensure accessibility and safeguard environmental considerations. The National Transport Plan for 2010 – 2015 stated that all future growth in passenger traffic in the major cities, must be taken by public transport, bicycle and walking. To achieve this, large investments were made and also NRI and their services and technology was aquired by the new state-owned company ENTUR that works to connect Norway’s public transport systems together, a mission they have been tasked by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Cato Svendsen, founder to North Consultants has been assisting NRI in headhunting prime resources since 1999, when the company started the new age growth with digitization as main focus. In 2015 and 2016 the transition to ENTUR required the company to reset once again. Svendsen and his team assisted in the transition with due diligence, transition, competency mapping of resources and career guiding.

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Romerike Elektro

Romerike Elektro was established in 1996 and has developed specialized skills within electrical intallations for large and medium sized projects for the Building Industry at Romerike and in the Northern Part of the Oslo region, such as apartment buildings, shoppingmalls, infrastructure and public buildings. The company has a service department as well, serving the privat and professional market at Romerike. The company has 40 employees.

In 2016 Instalco AB aquired Romerike Elektro as part of a Nordic growth strategy. The Shareholders of Romerike Elektro reinvested a part of the renumeration into Instalco and becomes co-owners in the Nordic Group.

Instalco was established in 2014. The Group has an annual revenue of 2,200 MNOK. Instalco includes the companies Rörgruppen, PoB Elektriska, Klimatrör, VVS-Metoder, ORAB Entreprenad, OTK Klimatinstallationer, Rörläggaren, Expertkyl, Tofta plåt & ventilation AB, LG Contracting, El-pågarna, Ohmegi, El-Expressen, Bi-Vent, Vallacom and Voltmen OY.
Instalco’s vision is to establish a leading player within the industry with a high level of technical skills, efficient deliveries at the right time and with the capasity to execute solutions adding value for the customers.

North Consultants has been assisting Romerike Elektro in headhunting prime resources as new CEO and Chariman of the board, and business consulting prior to being aquired by Instalco.