Why focus on the individual?

Supply and demand is being reversed, balance of power is changing. Fast and dynamically. As a candidate you are in power representing the supply chain.

Be visible, be different as a strategy by it self. The change of power of demand means that companies must be attractive on your behalf. What you as a candidate must do is invest in your own profile by building your Smart-CV / Digital Twin. Then you can match your self with different jobs, roles and indexes to see what you fit best. Now you can design your career path on a much higher and more realistic level. Good luck and it´s fun too!

Your personality and experience is trying to tell you something. Create a user profile and begin to explore in your self. Discover your potential – Unleash your Talent.  Take a look at “how TalEction works” under INSIGHT.

Career Smart CV
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  1. START HERE will access your career project to TalEction
  2. E-mail sendt to Norths career team, order a meeting
  3. We assist in all processes using TalEction
  4. Our team advice on strategy, project plan and KPIs
  5. Want to know more? We are here to support
  6. Have User – continue or Create User and get started.
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free smart CV

You do it all yourself, follow instructons on the platform. Create User or continue with Have User. When ordered e-mail is sent to career team.

Career basic - North Consultants

Defining your Smart CV. Includes: Career advice 30 minutes before starting, 45 minutes advice when Smart CV is completed. When ordered e-mail is sent to career team.

Advanced - North Consultants

Defining your deeper self. Includes: Career advice 60 minutes starting up. 4 x 30 min. sessions with career advisor focus on your deeper understanding of your personality and work experience related to the job market. When ordered e-mail is sent to career team.

Trainer - North Consultants

Start a career shift. Let´s make you ready for the future. Expert assistiance by career expert. Includes: Career advice 60 minutes starting up, plan, KPIs & strategy. Focus is to Unleash your Talent. 8 x 30 min. sessions with advicor. When ordered e-mail is sent to career team.