We believe a consulting company should challenge their clients – disruptive markets need new thinking.

Our vision is to focus on the real issues companies struggle with on daily basis. We assess, deploy, design, modulate and assist in execution.

Our mission states that in order to be the management advisor, one must be up to date on market insight, business trends and even stay ahead.

Our values are built around sincerity at work, profound respect for individuals, teamwork spirit, positive energy and agility.

North Constultants is build around three departments
1. Management consulting

2. Headhunting

3. Career strategy

Our qualifications are similar to a management group
In order to support our clients we have put together experience and know how similar to most management groups. This will ensure that the most common problems companies endure, can be handled together with the North team. Senior consultants with decades of practical management experience in the Nordic and international market. Norths consultants have C-level management background and with higher education. North is not limited by industry or functional specialisation. We work across industry, functional boundaries and in all parts of Norway.

Our HR- and recruitment services are alligned with GDPR. Our lead headhunters are DNVGL certified and we only use DNVGL certified assessment and test tools.