In the nordic market, products and disruptions coming from every direction continues to hit one industry after another. 2014 was all about IOT, in 2015 it was the global petroleum market, in 2016 disruption was one of the most sought after words on internett and new business models connecting to clients – so called connecting economy was boosting, in 2017 the digital shift made it´s impact in the retail business and in 2018 it is all about handling the transformation. In 2019 the market will look for growth, succession, handling GDPR, go to market strategy and at the same time build new business models.

The nordic region is one of the most digital in the world. Norway is the most digital country globaly and the smart innovation clusters grows fast through the region. New energy solution rank amongst the highest investment projects.

North Consultants are experts on the nordic market and its diversity. Up to date insight is crucial to set the right strategy.