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High potensials are your best bet, we know what a high potent candidate look like.

They are often recognized by higher IQ which means that they can manage complex tasks often growing bigger. Handling change is another element. Who can perform outside of their comfort zone and dealing with tasks that are new? Challenges that they might know something about but not intimately. But also managing market changes that are more than normal. Such as now. Disruptive markets needs new thinking and high potentials can make the difference.

Ability to learn new things are a typical potential identifier, but also engagement and passion for the job itself.

Of course leading others without having to harm or inflict fear is also a typical high potential sign. Meaning a modern manager who knows how to inspire, motivate, direct through delegation and of course is good at networking.

North Consultants insource high potent candidates to assist our clients fulfill their projects. Ask us if and when you need the best of the pack to help reach your goals. They are out there, we know how to find and retain them.

Resource management model - By North Consultants

The one with the greatest willingness to change, which remains as a winner.

Willingness to change and do things in a new manner, is what our customers increasingly are looking for. Candidates that has the williingness and capabliity to change their mindset so seek new ways to handle work tasks, are highly sought after. Those who accept input in order to think new, replace the established working methods with new ones, are the most attractive.

The digital shift is as much about a mental shift.

Digital solutions adn tools will flow towards us constantly, hence giving us the opportunity to works smarter, reduce costs and become more competetive. However, it is our mindsett that can block the essential development needed. Can everyone change, possibly not but most can. Some changes are smaller and need less to overcome. But overall clilents seek the change oriented candidates and on all levels in the organization. For many it is a matter of survival.

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