The Key to building a strong, customer friendly business culture is intentionally all about having the right people on board.

The drive for transformation requires qualified support to management – and strong leadership.

We believe a consulting company should challenge their clients – disruption requires new thinking.

Our mission states that in order to be the managments advisor, one must be up to date on market insight, business trends and even stay ahead.

North hunt talents throughout the nordic region as part of strategic staffing and transformation.

Recruitement services

Oil & Gas  |  High Technology  |  Green Tech  |  IT  |  Process Industry  |  Building & Construction  |  Infrastructure  |  Med Tech 

Oil & Gas  |  High Technology  |  Green Tech  |  IT  |  Process Industry  |  Building & Construction  |  Infrastructure  |  Trade 

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Hilde Thømte
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Torben Schiermer
Regional Director DK
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